Thanks to ΣCentral, we complete the whole user experience of  ΣCASA. 
Wireless connection for all member devices 
As there is a head for each family, ΣCASA has its own head too. All actions and commands are dependent on the connection between ΣCentral and its members, just like how family members are bound together. 
The emergence of ΣCentral has truly realized remote connection and control. 
With ΣCentral, you can control your home appliances freely even while you are away from home, just like you never left your house. 
Exclusive design, high  through-wall performance 
ΣCentral has a built in signal amplifier to produce a wider range of the Bluetooth for each device. 
Open space effective transmission is up to 100meters. Indoor effective transmission ranges up to 15-30 meters (difference may occur due to a different environment).
Not just product, what we provide is complete and full service with the delicate design. 
Simple, Elegant, & Innovative 
Encrypted Security mechanism 
The connections of all systems adopt the bank-grade encryption techniques (128bites).
An exclusive encryption key is set for each device, enabling no one other than you to use it after registration. 
With ΣCentral, you can purchase any single member device you want additionally. 
All Σ-member devices must be used with ΣCentral, which can support the connection with 16 devices
simultaneously at most. With ΣCentral, you can purchase any additional Σ-member devices you need.
If you don’t have ΣCentral, our combined product Kit is also a good choice for you. 
Power Kit (EU)
ΣCentral x 1
ΣPlug x 2
Power Kit (US)
ΣCentral x 1
ΣPlug x 2
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