Quick install ; instant use !
Turn any home appliances into smart devices.
ΣPlug is designed to connect conventional home appliances to the cloud, allowing you to control
them with your phone whether you’re home or away.
More energy saving
Any equipment connected to ΣPlug allows you to add different APPs to save energy and enhance smart features.
Power Display
Cost Calculation
More smart
Remote Access
Family centered design for daily life.
With powerful software that support and integrate the different functions of your home appliances into ΣCASA, your phone is the intelligence center of smart living.
ΣPlug (US)
The ΣCASA Sloud
ΣCASA Series
Multiple management and scheduling
feature set helps you save unnecessary power consumption.
The APP displays the power consumption current and highlight high-power consumption equipment.  The schedule and planning features and our own ΣLink can help save unnecessary power consumption with smart and automatic settings.
Smart Phone
Hair dryer
Power consumption
Calculate / manage energy bill 
Input the unit of energy charge (kilowatt hour), This helps you convert and monitor your energy charge.
Monthly  power comparison 
Automatically calculates the difference in  power consumption
between the current month and the previous month to help determine usage and also
prevent more safety protection. 
Future life
Control your appliances even while you’re away from home.
The age of IoT has begun with one touch. Check your appliances while away from home from smart phone. You can program your appliances to start cooking before arriving home or you can turn lights off
even after leaving the house. 
AM 07:30
Switch on the bedside lamp
Wakes me up automatically every morning
Automate daily schedule Your personal assistant
It allows you to program the appliance either
on or off at the same time every day.  
You can also enable settings only for weekends. 
Leaving/Coming Home
One click to switch home appliance on or off. With the group setting, you can efficiently manage and control all equipment in the house or those on different floors.
Open space effective transmission is up to 100meters.
Indoor effective transmission ranges up to 15-30 meters (difference may occur due to different environment).
15 ~ 30M
Seamless Integration - ΣCentral and Cloud
ΣCentral is the main intelligence control unit of ΣCASA, which connects to each ΣCASA device, so that remote services can be provided through the cloud server of ΣCASA.
Bluetooth Connection 
Bluetooth 4.0‘s most advanced technology is used for connecting to ΣCentral.
Proudly present ΣLink, Real connection
between each devices ; Real smart home automation 
Temperature is higher than 30°C 
 switch on the electric fan to cool down.
Lovely pets are afraid of hot weather; some family members are unable to move freely at home. With ΣWeather or ΣPlug, you can use them by following these tips:
Monitor Temp/Humidity
Power switch control
Leave home
Turn off power strip
You can use a power strip to organize your TV, Play Station and Hi-Fi Speaker system. ΣPlug automatically turn off the power strip switches when you go for work to save energy.
Power switch control
Front door open
Turn on entrance light
ΣDoor and ΣPlug Light up a warm light for every family who come home late. 
Monitor Door status
Power switch control
ΣLink is one of our best designs. With more ΣCASA devices,
you have greater ΣLink functions and creative combinations in your APP. 
Monitor Temp/Humidity
Power switch control
Dimming control
Monitor Door status
Movement derection
Window vibrate detection
Smoke alert
surge protection
FCC  Certification
UL safety certification
Fire-rated enclosure
Heat-resistant and flame-retardant components using
Fireproof grade: UL 94V-0
Complete safety design
When overload (15A) is detected,
ΣPlug will cut off power automatically to
keep the house safe and protected.
Quick installation in three steps
When you download the APP and register, it would be faster to install new devices into the APP. 
Connect  the antenna to the ΣCentral
Connect the Micro USB cable with adapter to power ON the ΣCentral.
Place it at the center of your house to have good communication with other devices. 
Follow the instruction on APP to add
and pair ΣCentral. 
After the installation of ΣCentral,
the 2 plugs will be added in with
the ΣCentral automatically.
Install the ΣPlug on the power
socket where you want. Now you
can start to use Power Kit.
Support Android & iOS App
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